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The Idle Poring Wiki is a collaborative encyclopedia for everything related to the RO: Idle Poring. There are 214 articles and growing since this wiki was founded in September 2017. RO: Idle Poring is a mobile idle game developed by Dream Square with licensing rights for the Ragnarok Onilne series.
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Recent Changes
  • discussion page Talk:Pets
    new comment by Ryousama96
    Comment: whats the best pets for combat pet at the moment?
  • discussion page Talk:R1 Priorities and Tips
    new comment by A FANDOM user
    Comment: if you didn't get either with RB, I wouldn't focus on them with shards. I got eddga as RB pet and Osiris with shards, I am an archer. I will most...
  • discussion page Talk:Rebirth 4
    new comment by A FANDOM user
    Comment: Can someone recommend me a 5 skill set in RB4? Runes, pets, and pet skills too. Thanks!
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Game Updates

Updates#Ver. 2.2.3
☀New Function

  • New "Claim All" Button on Exploration
  • New Pet Review System
  • New Pet Speciality Display
  • New Combat/ Exploration Pet Menus after the 2nd Rebirth

☀Bugs Fixes:

  • Fixed the Daily Sign In Bug
  • Fixed the Mage Skill Effect problem.

Updates#Ver. 2.2.2

1. Optimized the Thai language for IOS 11.
2. Improved the Game Login Picture.
3. Added Indonesian Language.

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