PVP has four tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Master. Each win earns 16, 18, 19, or 21 credits and 5 honor.

Bronze Silver Gold Master
Credits Req. - 80 400 1000
Wins Req. - 5 25 63
Tickets Req. - 1 5 13
Days Req. - 1 3 7
Rewards 10k gold 25k gold 50 diamond 100 diamond
2k honor 2.8k honor 3.6k honor 4.5k honor
  • You get 1 Free PvP ticket every 12 hours up to a maximum of 2 tickets. You can obtain additional tickets by spending gems.
  • Each ticket starts a PvP session, lasts 5 rounds, allowing for up to 5 wins.
  • If you lose once, you are kicked out.
  • Match-up are always relative to your power. Meaning, power level does not guarantee you will be high ranked. One of the major reason why that makes Idle Monster more skill based.
  • Your starting first 2 match-ups will always be lower Power Level than you.
  • The third match-up is always a Power Level close to you.
  • The last 2 match-ups will always be higher Power Level than you.


Fight First, Upgrade CarefullyEdit

  • To maximize your PvP, use your PvP ticket first, THEN upgrade your character (equipement, attributes) after. Here’s why:
    • Since each match-up is based on your Power Level, it is prudent to keep your power low prior to using PvP ticket to make your starting PvP match-ups easier.
    • The moment you equip an upgrade and gain power, the game records your highest Power Level. So, unequiping into lower Power Level does not cheat your way to easier PvP.
  • Usually I beat my first 2 PvP matchups without upgrading equipment.

Skill TipsEdit

Skill SpeedEdit

Know your “general” skill speeds. This is not an exhaustive list.

  • Tier 1 Speed (Fastest)
    • Buffs (Dexterity, Berserk, Focus Attacks)
    • Sleep
  • Tier 2 Speed (Normal)
    • Stun
    • Full Throttle
    • Double, Single Attack
    • Counter Attack / Shield of Flame
  • Tier 3 Speed (Slowest)
    • Triple Attack
    • Blade of Frost

Once you understand what skills are faster, you’ll know what to put down to interrupt or counter attack.

Counter Attack or Shield of Flame is VERY Powerful in PvP: Edit

If you see a rotation with Double, Triple attack in a row. See if you can get a Counter Attack and you’ll reflect damage back to them. Put a Triple attack in your rotation and you’ll deal a ton of damage.

  • Opponent Rotation: Full Throttle, Berserk, Double, Triple
  • Your rotation: Sleep, Stun, Counter Attack, Triple.

Here’s the run-down

  • I will interrupt Full Throttle with Sleep
  • I will interrupt Berserk with Stun
  • I will reflect BACK his Double and Triple.
  • I will add my own Triple to the attack.

Let’s look at the sum of skill damages:

  • He deals Double and Triple to me.
  • I deal reflected back Double and Triple AND my own Triple.

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